Saturday, 7 January 2012

Five minutes with... Jodeyne Higgins. (Dancing On Ice pro skater)

What made you want to be a pro skater?

Was really no other thing I wanted to do. I loved skating and preforming in front of people and getting top do the thing I love. Nothing else like it.

What is your favorite prop to use on the ice?

Not sure if you call it a prop or not but I love anything to do with flying.

What do you like the most about Dancing On Ice?

Getting to preform with Jayne and Chris and taking someone who has never skated through a life changing journey they will never forget.

What is your favorite theme week?

I don't have a favorite theme week. Each week is different and it is fun to get the chance to try out different personalities.

Who inspired you to be a pro skater?

There are so many people that have inspired me in my life, that I have had the chance to meet and work with. But for skating I always wanted to do pairs after being thrown in the air for the first time by Doug Ladret from Canada. Also watching G&G the greatest pairs team from Russia. Of all time skated together they will always be my favorite team.

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  1. Excellent blog, letting us get to know the skaters a bit more before tomorrow night. Keep it up!