Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Five minutes with... Andy Akinwolere.

What made you go for Dancing On Ice?

I naturally went for Dancing On Ice because I love a challenge. I've never trained to dance or skate either, so this was a good opportunity to learn.

What prop would you liked to have used?

Not necessarily a prop, but I heard Duncan James got to fly. That would have been AMAZING.

What was your Dancing On Ice experience like?

My experience was short and sweet. Sadly I thought we left too early as I really enjoyed our routine. But we had fun. Going to miss Maria.

What was you most looking forward to about Dancing On Ice?

I was most looking forward to showing Louie what I had learn't. As he's a dancer I wanted to get pointers from him so I could get better.

What inspired you to do Dancing On Ice?

I saw Ray do it a while back and I thought to myself i'd love to give it ago. Strange we both had the same partner.

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